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New in the KUCI Music Library
February 15, 2010
by: matt

Xiu Xiu- Dear God, I Hate Myself (Kill Rock Stars)
Good stuff from this indie classic dude. Production seems a little bigger on this one, but it still has that good balance of sensitivity and creepiness.

Carta-An Index of Birds (Silber Records)
This is a really pretty and melancholy record thats in the vein of slow-core and post-rock, sort of like Low. Very delicate strings and piano peppered with vocals here and there to create an atmospheric calming album. fun little fact: member Sacha Galvagna can be heard on the "Up In the Air" soundtrack.

Aarktica-In Sea Remixes (Silber Records)
Really mellow album of remixes from lots of artists of Aarktica's cool post-rock/folk-y/ambient album. Really great, while Aarktica's album had this very large atmospheric feel, the remixes are sort of like personal interpretations of the record into 14 individual separate landscapes. Sometimes a bit Boards Of Canada-y. Some more ambient, some more beat-based, some more vocal-based. AND three remixes of an acoustic Danzig's "Am I Evil?" Fun fact: this dude has a digital "Live at KUCI" EP from 2005.

Local Natives-Gorilla Manor (Frenchkiss)
Great first full-length from this five piece out of LA. Totally catchy and accessible, but don't think its boring or straightforward. Its got tons of neat little melodies coming out everywhere in the complex song structures. Whether its a little piano line or a little guitar riff coming out of the woodworks, its all nice. so my last words on this are: tons of intercrossing melodies, very rhythmic.

Midnight Masses- Rapture Ready, I Gazed At The Body (Team Love)
Great little 3 track EP of sultry 60s soul-style indie rock. This is actually a big collective of people, originally started by Jason Reece of ...And You Will Know Us by the Trail of Dead. Anyway, emphasis on "soul-style." The vocals (both female and male) are powerful and sincere, and the whole thing has this great night-time atmosphere going on. Not dark and gloomy, but just sort of...night-ish and cool. Probably good to drive to.

Sarah June- In Black Robes (Silber Records)
A little gothic-tinged Americana folk with pretty unique vocals. Unique as in Joanna Newsom-unique.

Shout Out Louds-Work (Merge)
Well produced indie-rock from Sweden. Their name makes em' sound a little ruff n tumble, but this is pretty smooth and melodic. The piano parts on the first track make it so awesome.

Craig Ramsey - Parting Gift For A Party Girl (self-released)
A really warm little indie pop album with a lil' bit of folk rock. Its a full-band that plays rock sounds, but it has this nice air-y and intimate sound, and all very clean. Way good handle on well-crafted melodies. Very modern, but after listening to the whole thing you can feel a pleasant 60s/Beatles influence beneath it all if you give it a grab.

Solid Gold- Synchronize EP (Solid Gold Music)
At first this may seem like "just" a pop album, but it gets really big and not exactly psychedelic, but soothing and dreaming. Especially after the first track when it gets more fat electronic sounds, but still stays up-beat. Except for the last track which is a remix and just totally chill. AND I must note this amazing selling point: they do a great cover "Danger Zone" off of the Top Gun soundtrack. Not just gimmicky either.

Chet-Chelsea Silver, Please Come Home (Absolutely Kosher)
This is Ryan Beattie, guitarist from Frog Eyes, and his band. Sort of a bizarre folk-rock band, sound like a mix between a quirky folk-y indie pop band (forgive my lack of folk name-dropping, the genre is a weakness of mine) and Antony & The Johnsons.


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